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CCTV installations in Cape Town

AlphaTV provides the supply and installation of professional CCTV camera systems to monitor and record events at home or business premises. We specialize in Hikvision installations and remote viewing on mobile devices.

Allow us to guide you through the process of your CCTV installation. From purchase to the final product, we can advise you on perfect setup. Contact us for a professional consultation.

Why choose us?

AlphaTV offers an all-in-one package: 

About our CCTV Installations

We can provide a range of security solutions that will help you monitor your property, developement, hotel or any premises from anywhere in the world. We can implement IP or digital Surveillance systems with High definition video that work flawlessly day and night.

At AlphaTV, we know how valuable your resources are. AlphaTV shifts your focus to living and working, instead of worrying and monitoring. We offer customized video surveillance and access control systems that increase security, efficiency, and peace of mind.

Access Control

With access control and intercom entry, AlphaTV allows you to monitor the comings and goings at home or office. We provide flexible solutions to control entry and exit to your facility with audio and video intercom systems, proximity readers, retina scanners, fingerprint scanners and other access solutions to protect sensitive information or personal materials.

Residential Video Cameras

Protect your home and family with video surveillance. AlphaTV thoughtfully assesses your home and installs cameras inside and outside. Monitor security from any room in the house on any TV or monitor. While you’re away, keep an eye on your home with remote video security using any computer, smart phone, or tablet. Less worrying means more living.

Commercial & Business Surveillance

AlphaTV gets you back to work with increased efficiency by offering a broad range of security cameras. Reduce many of the risks that can negatively impact your business and increase productivity with security cameras, digital recorders, monitors, remote viewing, and networked video solutions. Find a fitting surveillance solution that brings peace of mind now and grows with your business tomorrow.

Our CCTV Installation Process

1. Consultation
First, we will consult with you to determine what type of CCTV solution best fits your needs.

2. Installation And Setup
After we’ve obtained everything we need for your project, we’ll set a time to install your CCTV system.

3. Maintenance And Troubleshooting
Our job isn’t over once your CCTV security system has been successfully installed. We stand by our work – so if you have any issues, our team is ready to help.

Ready to elevate your CCTV Surveillance? Get in touch with AlphaTV for the best in digital product supply and installation services. Whether you need advice, a quote, or more information about our offerings, we’re here to help.

Transform your space with AlphaTV – your trusted partner in digital product supply and installation.

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