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Let’s face it, crime is a grim reality in our country. A shocking report from Statistics SA earlier this year revealed that only 40% of South Africans feel safe in their neighbourhoods. While this is something we have sadly become accustomed to, it has become more evident that there is no such thing as being too precautious when it comes to protecting your home, family, and your business.

AlphaTV however intently created our service to give you more peace of mind, giving you more control and shifting your focus to a more carefree living and working with CCTV security cameras that provide you with a strong sense of safety. With smart CCTV video surveillance cameras and uncomplicated CCTV access control systems you can monitor and record your home or office 24/7 from anywhere you can imagine!


How do I know if I should have CCTV installed?

If you were to wake up tomorrow and are surprised to find yourself on the floor because, the robbers claimed your bed, TV, Fluffy (the dog you have had for 12 years) and all the other things you so dearly love and care for are gone. If you deem anything as valuable, or if this made-up analogy left you unsettled, you should probably consider having CCTV camera systems installed. But, in case you need more convincing, here is our breakdown of who should consider having CCTV installed:

1 Home Owners – Protect Your Home and Family

You will be able to monitor your home’s security from wherever you can imagine from any device. So while you’re away, at work, or on that well-deserved holiday, you can be in 24-hour visual contact with your home via any device. Because less worrying means more living! With just a simple camera monitoring your front door, you will know if anyone arrives to drop off a package or get alerted of any movement on your doorstep with integrated sensors systems.

2 Business Owners – Smartly Secure Your Business

With the right CCTV security system for your specific business needs, you can deter criminals, protect your assets, save costs on extra security and keep your focus on growing your business. All movement in and around your premises can be monitored and is recorded.

3 Parents

As parents we cannot be present 24/7, so whether you want to check in on your new baby while they are asleep or monitor whether the babysitter is taking good care of your child/ren, with CCTV Remote Viewing you are able to watch live video and audio from wherever you are, from any connected device.

Our recording systems don’t just store video footage

The optimized capability of your surveillance system has become essential to your home security and business’s functionality. By integrating your system with additional features such as access control systems, facial and license plate recognition, fever detection, analytics, and more your CCTV recording system can alert you to events in advance.

Do More with Uncomplicated Access Control

With access control and intercom entry, our systems allow you to see and hear all movement in and around your home or office as if you were present. We provide user-friendly settings to control the entry and exit of your environment. Protect your home, family, business, or sensitive information with audio and video intercom systems, proximity readers, retina scanners, fingerprint scanners, and other access solutions to protect sensitive information or personal materials.

Do it all from from your smart phone

Download the recommended app on your smartphone and you can enjoy control of your smart CCTV surveillance system in the palm of your hands. Enjoy useful features such as:

  • 1 Instant alerts of movement
  • 2 Real-time talking and viewing
  • 3 Share live feeds with persons you trust
  • 4 Unlimited storage when you connect with the cloud

Our Most Popular Products

1 CCTV DVR and remote viewing

This standalone digital video recorder offers you the capability to record and playback footage from your cameras. Integrating the remote access feature and you can have 24/7 access via any connected device.

2 HD CCTV cameras

With higher image resolution you can Identify suspects, spot strange activities and effortlessly make out number plates for criminal investigations with HD (High Definition) CCTV cameras.

3 360-Degree cameras

Monitor and record a complete area with the 360-Degree Camera. Additional selling points include supreme quality images, despite rain or foggy weather.

4 Night Vision CCTV cameras

Majority of good cameras offer you basic night vision. However, with this system, night is as clear as day offering clear and sharp night footage.

How Do I Decide Which CCTV System to Install?

We understand how intimidating it can be to choose the CCTV solution that best fits your environment and your pocket. However, we have been in business for more than a decade, so relax, you are in good company! From 360-Degree cameras that scan all directions to ultra-resolution cameras that maintain quality at night, there is an extensive range of different options to choose from. Also, every site is different, and not every solution will work for you. Our advice is that you contact us and our friendly Alpha Experts would happily help guide your decision.

Installing CCTV Systems is No DIY Project

In over a decade of doing installations, we have heard many horror stories of DIY installations gone wrong, so we would like to save you the trouble and recommend that you rather contact a professional, trust us, you will pay less in maintenance costs.

Our technicians specialize in CCTV installations and are qualified to set up your systems. After sourcing all we need for your specific premises requirements, one of our technicians will arrive at a time of your convenience to install your smart home CCTV Security System. Depending on your requirements, installation could take as quick as 1-2 days for a four-bedroom home and up to a week for more complex systems.

CCTV Delivery and Installation

After we have sourced all equipment and accessories for your specific delivery or installation, one of our friendly Alpha technicians will arrive at a time of your convenience. We also offer our services after hours to accommodate clients who do not have flexible working hours. We will let you know via call or SMS once we have arrived at your premises.

Ongoing Technical Support Maintenance

We do not consider our job done once your installation is complete. We understand how important it is for you to be able to connect with our team when you need us most.

Free Online Site Assessments from our Experts

Do you want to talk to an Alpha CCTV expert? We would love to help you find the appropriate solution. Call us on 072 953 0903 / 082 806 1708 or alternatively, send us a WhatsApp message and we will get back to you immediately