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For more than a decade our expert technicians have been welcomed by home and business owners in and around the suburbs of Cape Town for DStv installations, upgrades, product delivery, relocations, and DStv repairs. So, if you are looking for professional DStv services, competitive pricing, high-quality product offerings, and fast turnaround time, you are in the right place.

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If you have already purchased your DStv hardware or accessories but need help with installation, we can send one of our expert technicians. However, you do have the convenient option of requesting us to source the equipment and our team will run a complimentary quality check to ensure everything is up to standard.

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If what you are looking for is not on the list, call us, because we most likely have an expert for it.

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Be Smart. Hire a Professional DStv Installer.

DStv Installation is not rocket science, but it is also not as simple as setting up your dish and plugging in your decoder. If it was, Multi-Choice would not offer accreditation and workshops. Because, without a strong understanding of satellites and decoders, as well as setting up both of these, installation becomes a lot more complicated than you realize. With hundreds of installations, setups, and rectifications behind their backs, our team is more than qualified to do the job. Our accredited status promises you a problem-free installation and expertise such as perfect dish alignment. Free up your time, prevent frustration and hire an expert.

What is The Best DStv Package for Me?

DStv offers its subscribers a variety of entertainment to choose from such as prime sports, movies of every genre, binge-worthy TV series, Box Sets, documentaries and Box Office Hits, there is something for everyone! Viewers are also spoilt for choice with six packages to choose from ranging from amount of channels to price differences. However, before you settle on one package you will need to consider a few things such as:

2022 DStv Packages and Prices

dstv packages

For more information on each package, send us your name and number on the contact form below and we will call you! Or, send us a message to the AlphaTV WhatsApp line and one of our friendly experts will assist you immediately.

The most popular DStv Explora features

  • 1. Enjoy premium features such as access to the most popular movies recently shown in Cinemas.
  • 2. Pre-record any episode or the entire season of your favourite shows.
  • 3. Connect your Explora to the internet and you will have access to Showmax which offers a wide range of binge-worthy shows and movies marathons. This comes free with your subscription.
  • 4. CatchUp Plus gives you more of what you love! Your decoder smartly memorises your most recently watched programs and helps you catch up from where you stopped.

What is DStv Xtra View?

With DStv Xtra View you can link and enjoy two to three different viewpoints anywhere in the house with one subscription and no additional satellite required!

Ready to upgrade your DStv package

Don’t fight over the remote any longer, keep your loved ones happy, and enjoy quality DStv features such as upgrading your Single View Decoder and adding up to three viewpoints, with no additional satellite required! Tell us your specific needs and we will share with you the most suitable and best products available.

DStv communal installations

Our services are not only limited to houses, but our accreditation qualifies us for DStv installation and supplying services to:

Uninterrupted Viewing, even in Cape Town Weather

We are all well aware of how unpredictable Cape Town weather is. Our technicians know the very best techniques to position your satellite in the correct position and install your decoder for you and your loved ones to enjoy quality, uninterrupted viewing.

Ongoing DStv Technical Support and Maintenance

We do not consider our job done once your installation is complete. We understand how important it is for you to be able to connect with our team when you experience connectivity issues.

Same day delivery and installation!

Depending on your location, after we have sourced all equipment and accessories for your specific order or installation, one of our friendly AlphaTV Technicians will arrive at a time of your convenience. We also offer our services after hours to accommodate clients who do not have flexible working hours. We will let you know via call or SMS once we have arrived.

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