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Slow, Unreliable Wi-Fi Getting You Down?

Flip the script and enhance your online experience with AlphaTV, offering you the supply and installation of supreme quality equipment, guaranteeing fast, reliable, and secure Wi-Fi connectivity wherever you are, whenever you need it.

We specialize in:
  • 1 Residential and Commercial Wi-Fi Installation
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Connect your home

Enjoy streaming services, running your online business, home-based learning, serious online gaming, whatever your need for connectivity, our experts will give you the best recommendation.

Connect your business

Now more than ever, employees depend heavily on great Wi-Fi for optimal job performance and efficient team collaboration. It is also said that businesses that offer Wi-Fi access to visitors are seeing higher sales and customer satisfaction. Now, who wouldn’t want that?

You need a professional wifi technician

If you are considering an upgrade or want to install equipment, we recommend that you use a professional. Not to boast, but our technicians are definitely worth their salt considering that they have been doing installations in and around Cape Town for over a decade.

If you have already purchased your equipment, but need help with installation, we can send one of our Alpha installers. However, you do have the convenient option of requesting us to source the equipment and our team will run a complimentary quality check to ensure everything is up to standard.

What Internet speed do I need for my Home?

Determining the best Wi-Fi speed depends entirely on the different activities going on in your home. Here are a few likely activities that would require a fast and dependable internet connection:

What Internet speed do I need for my Business?

Work collaboration culture has never been more dynamic! Here are a few activities that would require a fast and dependable internet connection:

Note: For a more accurate speed analysis for your home or business requirements, we recommend that you contact one of our Alpha Consultants. Get obligation-free quote now!

5 Simple Ways to Beat Slow Internet Speed

Whether you need to deliver the monthly business report, present on Zoom, submit a task or watch the season finale of your favourite show, your internet connection should be dependable. But say in one of these hypothetical moments your connection does the unthinkable and slows down. What do you do? Panic! Ha-ha no, you can try some of our full-proof methods below to save you from frustration:

1 Quick router reset

It’s definitely worth rebooting your router before moving on to speed-boosting methods. This forces the device to reset and improve slow Wi-Fi connections. So, if your connection is slower than usual, switch your modem off and back on.

2 Router positioning

Shifting your router’s position may be all you needed to do to boost your connectivity speed. You can try the following ideal placements methods for improved coverage:

3 Switch off non-essential devices and services

Even though you may not actively be using your device, it continues to use bandwidth. So, try to it down completely whenever possible. This includes:

4 Use wifi extender / booster

A Wi-Fi extender or booster helps deliver wireless signal coverage to every corner of your home. If you notice dreaded buffering while streaming in one part of your home but not in another, there’s a great likelihood that you have Wi-Fi coverage issues.

5 I tried all 4 methods and nothing has changed

Don’t panic, you can always contact our support desk and one of our friendly consultants will help you resolve the issue patiently with you.

Gaming Routers and the Best Internet Speed for Online Gaming

Regardless of what game is being played from first-person shooters, MMOs and RTSs, a high-speed internet connection is a sought-after feature for any serious online gamer. Because there is nothing worse than lagging out in the middle of your game!

Based on the gaming platform you use, these are the 2022 minimum internet speeds for gaming you can consider:

min internet speed for games

Although these speeds may be enough to get you by, a more robust plan will give you a world-class gaming experience. We recommend 25 Mbps and increasing your internet speed based on how many devices in your home require bandwidth.

More Benefits of Faster Download Speed

Note: Check to see what internet speeds AlphaTV offers in your area or give us a call.

Interested in Upgrading?

You can talk to one of our Alpha Consultants. Once they have determined your specific needs, they will walk you through your options, if you qualify for an upgrade.

Ongoing Wi-Fi Technical Support and Maintenance

We do not consider our job done once your installation is complete. We understand how important it is for you to be able to connect with our team when you experience connectivity issues.

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